Is Almost Human Almost Cancelled?

Written by Vaughan Grey   // February 16, 2014

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Is Almost Human Almost Cancelled?


This is a subject we usually do not like to talk about on about any of the shows we cover on these websites, but rather than pretend that nothing is going on, we like to point out the white elephant in the room: some shows do not get renewed after their first season and thus get cancelled. It is always difficult to predict which of these shows these will. What may seem like a huge hit during the network upfronts could turn out to be a huge flop six months down the road. Some shows even get renewed for a second season, only to disappoint even more and get cancelled in the middle of the season, or at the end of the second, infuriating their dwindling audience. Cable television is a lot easier to predict since they put a lot more stock into their high-profile shows do not automatically give up hope for them. Unfortunately, network TV is not like this and they tend to sweep problem shows under the rug without notice. FOX is notorious for this and has been for decades. It is no secret that FOX has had a spotty history with their sci-fi shows. For every The X-Files and Fringe, there has been at least five The Lone Gunmen, M.A.N.T.I.S., Strange LuckVR-5, and even the notorious Firefly.


There has been a lot of talk if FOX is going to renew Almost Human lately…or not. Back in May 2013, Almost Human seemed like a sure-fire hit with Fringe airing its final episodes and JJ Abrams signing on to do the Star Wars reboot, releasing Star Trek Into Darkness and NBC renewing Revolution after a blockbuster freshman season. Of course, JJ Abrams had also just came off of FOX cancelling Alcatraz after 13 episodes. Almost Human sounded like a safer bet since it was a police procedural. Only 13 episodes of Almost Human were ordered, which is very normal for network television these days with genre shows, like NBC’s Hannibal and FOX’s Sleepy Hollow. But while Sleepy Hollow got renewed quickly and the network announced that it was sticking to a 13 episode season for that show, they have been mum about Almost Human‘s future.


FOX has played fast and sneaky with the Almost Human airing schedule, first delaying the pilot premiere for two weeks in November 2013 (which actually helped the pilot have massive post-football game ratings), then airing most of the episodes completely out of order (which surprisingly has had little effect on the audience and actually made the storytelling more interesting in the process since they saved the mythology-centric episodes for later), and taking the show off the air for a month after airing only two episodes in January 2014, only to schedule two major episodes during the 2014 Winter Olympics before its all- important season finale. While the ratings have never really been bad considering the amount of competition on Monday evenings at 8/7PM, they have never been blockbuster (except for the pilot). Surprisingly, the show has even been doing better than season two of The Following, which, well, follows it now. But considering the high budget of the show, that still doesn’t make anyone happy. FOX has even decided to bring Bones (which they gave an early season ten renewal to a few weeks ago) back to Mondays as soon as Almost Human airs its season finale, 1×13 Straw Man, on March 3rd, 2014. The writing might well be on the wall for the future of this promising series. The nicest you can say about it is that they are at least allowing all of the episodes to air instead of ripping it off the schedule for good.


I found this interesting article at Screenrant about this issue. Read it here. Pretty much every on-line TV-based site is predicting cancellation for Almost Human. Sad to say, but it seems to be truer and truer by the day. The show does not seem to have much fanfare yet, even though everyone who watches it seems to like it. Of course, FOX could surprise us and renew it for another 13 episode season, but we have not been seeing much evidence of that. I would prefer they renew it, not just b/c I run this site, but b/c I feel it is one of FOX’s best new shows in years, even better than the entertaining, but cheesy, Sleepy Hollow. Like cancelling Firefly back in the day, this could end up being one of FOX’s biggest mistakes, even if it is done for business reasons. I would hope that another network, like SyFy (who picked up Sliders after Fox’s cancelled it) or Amazon Prime, could pick it up should that happen, but that would be a stretch, even in the VOD/WEB TV era.


What can you do to prevent this? Well, you could watch the show when it airs, then re-watch it on DVR and Hulu the next day and tweet and blog as much about it as possible. Also, visiting sites this this one also help too. You’d be surprised.


Read an Excerpt of the ScreenRant Article Below!

After a strong narrative start, it’s unfortunate that the prospects for Almost Human are slimming. There’s still a chance that the series could hang on for another season, but perhaps the writing was on the wall to begin with. After all, the series lost a showrunner before it even aired, and Fox hasn’t aired its episodes in the intended order (another sign of network neglect).

While some may believe that the network’s failure to extend Almost Human‘s maiden season to a full 22 episodes is just another example of the short-and-sweet approach Fox is taking with Sleepy Hollow, the fact is that the show’s more episodic tone makes that far less likely. As always, time will tell.



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